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Medical Billing Services

The Houk Group is excited to introduce our medical billing services. After years of our clients expressing a need and an interest in utilizing billing services, we decided to expand our services to include billing. We have put together a team of highly qualified medical billing professionals and look forward to providing an excellent service to our established clients as well as new clients. We have the experience and resources needed to maximize collections for medical services rendered.  We know that it takes knowledge, experience, and hard work to increase revenue.  The Houk Group is  up to the task.

The Houk Group's medical billing services started within the Federal Workers Compensation field, but have expanded into other areas including multi-specialty clinics, orthopedics, out-patient surgery centers, and hospitals to name a few.  We offer consulting support to enhance collections from our billing services. In doing so, it ensures our clients' successes and support of our physicians.

Should you have the desire to utilize our medical billing services, consulting, or any other of our services, please call (870) 607-0777.

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